Nallagonda: The first wife who killed her stepchildren and committed suicide after her husband remarried: Press Review

16 minutes agoFirst wife who murdered stepchildren in NallagondaPhoto source, Getty Images Today’s daily newspaper article states that the first wife committed suicide after her second wife killed her children out of anger that her husband was remarrying. In this article, she writes that her husband, who could not bear the pain of being away from her … could not digest the betrayal of trust by his captor, took another form of his anger. The atrocity took place on Thursday in Nalgonda town. According to the police report, Mekala Pradeep and Prasannarani (45) from Jubilee Hills Colony, Nalgonda are working as contract employees in the ICDS branch. Currently Pradeep is on duty in Bhubaneswar district, his wife Munugod. They were married in 1999. Son (20) and daughter (15). Eight years ago, Pradeep got married for the second time to a woman from Nalgonda town. She is survived by daughters Meghna (6) and Ruchari (4). Since then she has often been at loggerheads with her husband and his second wife. The second wife was shocked to learn that her husband was building a house in Nalgonda. On Thursday, the wedding day, Nadee decided to take sides against him. She was not home at the time. Meghna, the little girl, brought home believing the delicacies as she was cutting the cake for her birthday. Two of them hanged themselves in the bedroom and then committed suicide, ” said Nalgonda Okato Essay Venkat Reddy, who wrote today. According to the Andhra Jyoti magazine article, AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has announced that Kisan Credit Cards for APCM / FB Animal Husbandry-AP CM Animal Patrons will be issued to all. Revealed. He said the cards would be useful for those who bought cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep. We are implementing many schemes. ” If the houses are good, the house will be good. If the sisters are good, the state will be good. We strive to keep the joy on their faces. We will also register the deeds of 31 lakh houses in their name, ”Jagan was quoted as saying. Photo source, Getty Images Millionaires in debt with Corona troubles Corona troubles have led young people in India to go into debt, according to a British bank survey published in the Namaste Telangana Daily News. According to the British Standard Chartered Bank survey, the Millennials’ tribe has had difficulty meeting their daily needs compared to other adults, and has had to rely on loans since September 25. Standard Chartered Bank conducted the survey on October 1, based on the views of 12,000 people in 12 countries, including India. Millennials’ debt has grown by 44% in the past two months. However, the debt burden of those over the age of 45 has risen by 28 per cent. Corona has caused large-scale job losses across the country, according to Standard Chartered Bank. Namaste Telangana explained. Photo source, TSRTCNalgonda / FB TSRTC Cargo Services Across GHMC Sakshi Dina News published that the cargo services launched by Telangana RTC have been extended across GHMC. Transport Minister Ajay Puwada said it would be a year since the launch of cargo parcel services. Minister Anjay and RGC officials on Thursday inaugurated cargo home delivery services at the Transport Bhawan in Khairatabad. Speaking at a press conference on the occasion, the Minister said that 12.5 lakh parcels have been delivered since the commencement of cargo parcel services. Eleven and a half crore revenue has been received so far, followed by 25 lakh revenue the next day. The witness wrote that he was saying that home delivery was being started from Kookatpalli, JBS and NGBS. Interstate buses are also fully operational, with no parcels missing or damaged since the cargo started. He added that agents in cargo have also grown and are now launching home delivery for more services. The witness explained that the minister had told him that the salaries of RTC employees were being paid to everyone even if it was one or two days late.Source