NASA will force SpaceX to fly unmanned to the Moon

NASA: SpaceX was announced last Friday (16) as the winner of a $ 2.9 billion contract with NASA to be responsible for taking space agency astronauts to the Moon. However, there is a clause in the negotiation that makes the mission even more challenging – and it leaves the competition dreaming of new opportunities.

According to The New York Times, NASA made it mandatory to perform an unmanned mission to the Moon before sending astronauts. This means that the company will have to send the “empty” Starship into space, land on the natural satellite and return to Earth with all the systems promised for the official mission in action.

In addition, companies that participated in the selection process and were discarded may continue to participate in future contracts involving Moon landings – which should revive the hopes of companies like Blue Origin, for example.


For the time being, SpaceX has not commented on the mission or reported a window for landing this test.

Artemis Project, name NASA’s a program with the ultimate goal of humanity returning to the Moon, bringing the deadline to 2024, but the date can still be revised due to budgetary constraints.