NCB released brother-in-law of BJP leader after calls from Delhi, Maharashtra leaders: Nawab Malik

Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik Saturday alleged that the Office of Narcotics Management (NCB) had detained Rishabh Sachdev, brother-in-law of BJP leader Mohit Kambhoj (Bhartiya), but dropped him within hours. He alleged that the NCB had released Sachdev following calls from BJP leaders in Delhi and Maharashtra. Kambhoj is a former Yuva Morcha BJP president in Mumbai.

Malik said NCB detailed 11 people during the raid on the cruise ship but dropped three, including Sachdev, Pratik Gaba and Amir Furniturewala.

“NCB director Samir Wankhede had made a vague statement about detaining 8-10 people during the raid. In all, 11 were detained in the voyage during the raid. Mumbai Police had the same information until morning but then the number dropped to eight and three people were left, ”Malik said when addressing the media.

The minister also showed videos in support of his alleged detention and release of the three persons.

“Sachdev was released after two hours and his father and uncle were with him. All three persons were released at the same time. The names of Gaba and Furniturewala have been reflected in the arguments during the court hearing. Aryan Khan had been invited by these three, ”he added.

The NCP minister further said, “Our question to NCB is that you robbed a cruise with 1,300 people on it and kept only 11 people who brought them to the NCB office for investigation. NCB must clarify in which directions these three persons were released. It is our knowledge that BJP leaders from Maharashtra and Delhi have made phone calls for their release. ”

He further sought to know the reasons behind bringing them to the NCB office and releasing them. “NCB has to answer that if the 11 people were detained among 1,300 people, then why did the three people release. We demand that Wankhede clarify this. What was the reason for bringing the three people to the NCB office and what investigation was completed upon their release? “Malik asked.

The minister further said that the entire investigation is proceeding further based on WhatsApp talks. “Did NCB take the phones of these three people and see their conversations? The whole case of plundering a cruise ship is forged. A scheme to invite some celebrities was devised and framed in it, ”he added.

Malik also demanded that Mumbai and Maharashtra Police obtain call records of these people. “There should also be details of Samir Wankhede’s calls. We feel, from Sachdev’s father’s mobile phone, that talks have taken place between Wankhede and BJP leaders in Delhi and Maharashtra. If call details are obtained, then the real truth about detention and release will come out to the public, ”he added.