Nebula-consciousness: New couple new photos

Made for each other Antonna Upasana

Hyderabad: Niharika Konidela and Chaitanya Jonnalagadda got married on Wednesday night. The couple, who have been busy at their wedding for the past three days, are freshly enjoying the beauties of Udayavilas. To this extent, fun photos were taken on Thursday morning in the vicinity of Chaitanya-Niharika Udayavilas. A picture related to this new couple photoshoot is currently attracting everyone. In it, the newlyweds are seen smiling. Also, some new photos of their wedding have gone viral on Netflix. You can see in these photos that Ramcharan-Upasana is congratulating the newlyweds during the Muhurat. In the same films, Chiranjeevi and Pawan behind Ramcharan were also seen smiling.

However, Ramcharan Satyamani Upapana said that the nebulous wedding ceremony gave them a lot of happiness. To this extent she shared some photos of her landing with her husband on the insta platform. ‘After a long time we all had a very happy time. Congrats‌ nebula-consciousness. Both of you are definitely made for each other. Varun, Nagababu’s uncle, Padma Attayya .. The hospitality you provided was great. The wedding ceremony was wonderful, ‘said Upasana.

Nagababu has recently posted a post referring to his wife Padma. ‘Marrying a daughter to any father is a big task. Every father wants to marry his daughter to the greatest of all. I am no exception. There is so much planning behind what you now see with your eyes, difficult, confusing above all else. My wife Padma stayed with me and put the burden of organizing the ceremony on her shoulders and made the wedding celebration happy. ‘

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