Netizen accuses Chhavi Mittal of leaving children with servants while working out; actress questions, ‘When do we stop undermining and “judging” working mothers?’

TV actress Chhavi Mittal is passionate about fitness and continues to share exercise videos of herself on social media. Her posts are generally inspirational and they encourage the mums. Chhavi recently posted a 15-minute exercise video but little did she know she was in for a bit of negative passing.

Female consumer Chhavi Mittal called out to focus more on herself and work rather than care for her children. The citizen wrote, “Where are your children when you are making this video? Yes maybe with the servants !! Ms So not superwoman #pretentious (sic)”

Chhavi addressed this comment and shared it on his Instagram as a post. The actress also responded to her in a long note stating that she had shot this exercise video after finishing all her work and putting the two kids to sleep at 11pm. Here is Chhavi’s answer, “This question came on a” 14 day detox diet “video. Here’s my answer: I shot this video at 11pm at night, after finishing all my office work, domestic work and after giving both kids to bed, when I did I had my “me” time. It took me 15 minutes to shoot because I didn’t remember or prepare anything, I just spoke from my heart. That was your answer. ”

He further added, “But the reason to put this comment out here is to ask myself a question. When will mothers stop putting other mothers down? When will we stop undermining and” judge “working mothers? For every mother who is asked such questions suggesting, ‘just because you work you risk your child’s future’, remember, you You learn the importance of independence for your little girl, and you teach the importance of women’s independence to your little boy … And to mothers who are trying to do something themselves by being at home, ditch the guilt, embrace your strength. ”

Chhavi Mittal is known to mince her words and is vocal about the ongoing issues.