New perspectives on Tamil actress Vijay movie suicide case ..

Chennai: The death of Tamil actress VJ Chitra has created a sensation in the southern industry. The 28-year-old actress’ suicide is a shock to everyone. Her fans however are still unable to digest death. Until yesterday, she appeared on the television screen as it is, the loss of lives .. Suicide in it can not tolerate. Two days after her death, the mystery still lingers. Police, however, clarified that she had died as a result of hanging. Chennai police say there are no signs that he committed suicide. But Vijaya, the mother of the film, says this argument is a lie. Vijaya says he does not believe what the police are saying. Hemant is accused of killing his daughter by his son – in – law.

The film is accompanied by a fianc. She was found dead at 2.30 am on December 9 at a five star hotel in Chennai. Hemant was with her at the time. However, Hemant told the police that he was waiting outside the room. He called the hotel staff and told them the door was open as he had not been out for a long time. Hemant said she had already committed suicide. The 28-year-old filmmaker got engaged to Hemant in August. He also applied for a registered marriage in February next year. That’s what happened.

However, the film’s mother Vijaya says that she definitely killed Allude’s daughter. He was also in the shooting the night before he died .. He said he would be late to arrive. In the morning, Hemant called and said that your daughter was dead. She asks if it is possible. Hemant has been meeting Chitra for some years. She is currently busy with the Pandian Stores serial. It got a lot of following with the character of Mullai. The film has been a star on television since 2013. The film suicide as a whole is now causing a stir in the Tamil industry.

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