News of the new Corona virus vaccine from around the world

It’s one of the biggest logistical challenges in recent history: How will the millions of doses of the Covid-19 vaccine that must be kept in extremely cold temperatures be shipped quickly across continents and oceans?

One company uses its experience with tuna as a guide.

Thermo King, which revolutionized food transportation by promoting temperature-controlled shipping before World War II, works with pharmaceutical companies, governments and logistics companies to ensure vaccines are preserved while they travel to clinics and hospitals. To do this, they recycled the containers normally used to transport fresh tuna to Japan, which required similar freezing conditions.

“We took this product and modified it,” Francesco Encalza, director of Thermo King EMEA, told CNN Business.

Encalza said tuna should be stored at -60 ° C, or -76 ° F, to preserve its quality and deep red color when it reaches supermarkets and restaurants. The coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer (PFE) and BioNTech should be stored at -70 ° C, or -94 ° F, during transportation.

So Thermo King, which is part of Ireland-based Trane Technologies, has made some adjustments, adding additional insulation and modifying the cooling system until it cools down. Now each 20-foot container can carry 300,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine, the first dose approved for use in Western countries after rigorous testing, by land or sea. Some of them have already been sold and are going around the world.

Encalza said it usually takes years to develop this type of innovation.

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