News18 Telugu – Chiranjeevi: Chiranjeevi big mind .. Manukota fan child marriage help .. Chiranjeevi financial support to his fans from Mahabubabad here are the details

Chiranjeevi: Chiranjeevi has once again made a big impression .. along with Manukota fan ..

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Chiranjeevi: It is known that megastar Chiranjeevi is currently making his 152nd film under the direction of Koratala Shiva. The film, titled ‘Acharya’, is already over 80 per cent shot. Acharya’s shooting was postponed for six months due to the corona virus. The latest schedule has recently started as its effect has lessened somewhat. And if that is the case .. Chiranjeevi financed a distressed fan and once again expressed his big mind. Going into details, Shekhar Vyakti from Mahabubabad town is in the same town playing chilli bajjis and raising his family. Shekhar has been a big fan of Chiranjeevi for the last 30 years and has been instrumental in doing many service programs under Chiranjeevi’s name at the state level. Shekhar has two daughters, Varsha and Nishita. The eldest of the two will get married on the 19th of this month. Shekhar did not have enough money in his hand to get married. Chiranjeevi, who came to know that Shekhar was suffering from financial problems in the matter of child marriage, helped his heroic fan by giving him lakhs of rupees. The check for lakhs of rupees sent by Chiranjeevi was handed over to Manukota local MLA Shankar Nayak Shekhar.

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Speaking on the occasion of taking the check for lakhs of rupees, Shekhar said, “It is unforgettable to immortalize the help that even one’s own relatives cannot do these days. He is emotional that he cannot repay the debt.” When it comes to Chiranjeevi’s films, the upcoming film directed by Koratala Shiva has already completed over 80 per cent shooting. The shooting of Acharya was postponed for six months due to the corona virus. However the latest schedule has only recently begun as the corona effect has diminished somewhat. It is learned that Megastar will be seen in the film as an officer of the Endowments department. However, he only appeared for ten minutes in that role. Chiranjeevi appears only in a few flashback scenes. He is currently filming scenes related to this. On the other hand, Chiranjeevi will be seen in double roles in the film. Kajal opposite Megastar is taken as the heroine in this movie. Kajal will be participating in the shoot which will start in Film City from January. It is learned that Ram Charan will be seen as a former Naxalite in the film. Moreover, the character, which is about 30 minutes long, is the highlight of the film. The heroine Regina played the megastar in a special song in the movie. The film crew has already shot the song for it. The film is being co-produced by Charan and Niranjan Reddy under the banner of Konidela Productions and Matney Entertainment. Manisharma is providing the music.

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First published:December 10, 2020, 3:36 PM IST