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Dirty Hari Trailer Talk: Prabhas Producer 'Dirty Harry Trailer Talk ..

Dirty Hero Trailer Talk (Twitter / Photo)

‘Dirty Hari’ trailer: The talk has started that the ‘Dirty Hari’ trailer (trailer) directed by MS Raju is very flat. Although MS Raju is the original story writer for this romantic thriller, it is surprising that the trailer is so poor. The previous trailer of the movie starring Shravan Reddy in the lead role was a huge hit. Everyone who has seen the trailer in the past thought it was a big adult entertainer. ‘Dirty Hari’ starring Ruhani Sharma, who played the lead role in “Chilasou”, did not get a big buzz. The trailer, which is like a patchwork quilt with visuals coming from Edapada and large unimpressive frames, is unimpressive. With this latest promo, which has not generated any hype for ‘Dirty Hari’, the expectations on the film have been turned upside down. The film, which is all set to release on the 18th of this month, is now getting a lot of negative talk, which is sure to be a big headache for the film unit. The film was never released in theaters. Another minus is that the overlay div is responsible for holding dimming the rest of the page. With this, ‘Dirty Hari’ movie promotion has become a big challenge. In fact, the film, which was supposed to be released in July this year, was postponed to December.
MS Raju is actually a blockbuster film producer who has earned an image as a carafe for family entertainment films. MS Raju, who has made many big hits like Manasanta Nuvve, Okkadu, Varsham, Devi, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, has been criticized for making films with adult content like ‘Dirty Hari’. If you watch the 2nd trailer, you will understand that this is the upcoming movie in the thriller genre but it is not a dirty movie as the name suggests.

The film is being released on the ATT platform called Friday movies. MS Raju, who showed only bold scenes in the first trailer, made it clear that the second trailer was not an adult movie as the two heroines revealed a suspense thriller story between a hero. It remains to be seen how much the film will fetch on ATT. In fact, if MS Raju wants to release it in theaters at this time when theaters are opening, chances are it will be released in theaters. And why this ATT.

Published by:Kiran Kumar Thanjavur

First published:December 9, 2020, 10:59 PM IST