News18 Telugu – Rakul Preet Singh: Our traditional family .. I want my fianc to have these qualities: Rakul Preet ..

Rakul Preet Singh: Our traditional family .. My fianc should have these qualities: Rakul Preet ..

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Rakul Preet Singh: Rakul Preet was introduced to the Telugu screen with the movie ‘Keratam’ .. Sandeep Kishan got his first success in Telugu with the movie ‘Venkatadri Express’. And when it comes to Rakul movies .. she is excited to be starring opposite Star Heroes while getting opportunities in a row with her beauty. Rakul has made hit films like ‘Laukyam’, ‘Nannaku Premato’ and ‘Dhruva’ into his account. In the meanwhile, some of the films starring Bhama Eda Peda were slammed at the box office, reducing the chances. With this, Rakul takes a step back in the selection of pretzel characters. If that is the case then maybe Rakul should be the one to tell his fianc. Rakul Preet Singh said in an interview that she believes in love and marriage and that her fianc భర్త should have a clear understanding and passion for this life. He said he came from a family that valued traditions and grew up in the same environment as his father when he worked in the Army. She also said that she would be happy if her fianc followed a healthy lifestyle. Rakul hopes that his wedding will take place in the presence of his family members and the most intimate, and that he wants to have a destination wedding on the beach.

If that’s the case then maybe Rakul is dating a young hero. As usual .. The fans will always be interested in the love and marriage of the heroines. In the case of rumors, the truth will not come out until the heroines respond directly. The latest news about Rakul Preet Singh’s love affair is circulating in the southern cinema. Rakul also reacted to this news. She said that she is currently busy acting in six movies and that her dates will not be vacant for the next two years. Rakul clarified that he is living a busy life professionally and does not have time to think about love and marriage. She also said that she would definitely get married after two years and that she would like to celebrate the wedding with a smile. She said she has complete faith in love marriage and would tell herself that if she loved anyone.

When it comes to Rakul movies … Rakul is currently acting in a movie directed by Krishna. Vaishnav Tej plays the hero. The shooting of this movie has already been completed. Information that the title of the movie Konda Polam has been fixed. She is currently working on two films in Hindi, ‘Bharatiyudu 2’ in Tamil, ‘Ayalan’, the upcoming Kondapolam film directed by Krishna in Telugu and a film called Check directed by Chandrasekhar Yeleti as Nitin Hero. Meanwhile, some news has come out that Rakul and Mohan Babu are starring in the latest film Son of India. It is known that Rakul is also acting in Hindi while acting in Telugu movies. As part of that, Bham got another chance. Star hero Ajay Devgn will be directing ‘May’ starring Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role. After many years with this film, senior star Amitabh and Ajay are working together. Rakul Preet Singh had the opportunity to play an important role in the film. In this movie, Rakul plays the role of Ajay’s co-pilot. The shooting of the film started today in Hyderabad.

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First published:December 11, 2020, 12:50 PM IST