News18 Telugu – Registrations in Telangana: CS gives clarity on the process of registration of non-agricultural assets

Registrations in Telangana: Clarity given on the process of registration of non-agricultural assets by CS
Somesh Kumar (File photo) With the High Court giving the green signal for the registration of non-agricultural properties in Telangana .. there is a commotion in the offices of the Sub-Registrar in the state. Customers queue up to make slot bookings in advance for asset registration. The slot booking process was initiated by state CS Someshkumar. Registrations will start from this 14th. CS Somesh Kumar said booking of 24 slots per day would be done at each sub-registrar’s office. Documents will be provided immediately after registration. It was also revealed that a decision will be taken soon in the case of those who do not have LRS. Apart from houses and flats, open plots can also be registered, he said. Somesh Kumar said pending mutations are already available in Dharani. Somesh Kumar said that a control room has been set up with 100 officers and experts to resolve any issues during registration. Maroon colored passbooks will also be issued as soon as the registration is completed. Somesh Kumar clarified that none of the officers, including the registrars, have discretion. With the process of registration of non-agricultural assets in Telangana starting from today .. Many people have reached the Sub-Registrar’s offices for slot booking since this morning. With the registration of non-agricultural properties starting several days later .. there was a commotion in the offices. However, customers who came for slot booking were disappointed. The slot booking process is being delayed as the servers have been ringing since morning. The situation is almost the same in 141 sub-registrar offices across the state. The server went down in the wake of simultaneous slot bookings by lakhs of people. The High Court yesterday gave permission to start registrations of non-agricultural assets. The High Court further clarified that stays were never given to stop registrations and allowed the registration of non-agricultural assets. With this, the slot booking process started from today. The High Court allowed registrations in the old manner rather than through Dharani. Allows for computer based registrations with slot booking system. The High Court agreed to the provision that the property tax identification number must be accurate. The government has made it clear to the high court that it will not ask for details of Aadhaar, caste and family members. Published by: Kishore Akkaladevi First published: December 11, 2020, 3:28 PM IST