News18 Telugu – Registrations in Telangana will start from tomorrow

Symbolic film The registration process for non-agricultural assets will begin in Telangana from December 11. Chief Minister Kalwakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao directed the authorities in this regard. “The Chief Minister has directed the KCR Chief Secretary to resume the process of registration of non-agricultural assets from tomorrow in accordance with the directions of the Telangana High Court.” Said Telangana Municipal Minister Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao. The Telangana High Court on December 9 issued directions on the registration of non-agricultural assets in the Dharani portal. The High Court clarified that it had not ordered to stop the registration of non-agricultural assets in the Dharani portal. The High Court indicated that registrations could continue under the old system. The Advocate General asked the High Court to lift the orders on registration of non-agricultural properties in Dharani. On this the tribunal directed the government to file counterclaims of Dharani Jivola. The Advocate General brought to the notice of the High Court that the registrations were suspended due to interim orders. However, the High Court clarified that registrations could continue in the old manner. The High Court has directed the government to have legal protection for the data collected for the Dharani portal. Chief Minister KCR launched the Dharani portal on October 29. Registrations for non-agricultural assets will always be based on old details. Details of houses, plots in apartments, open plots have not been taken yet. With this, registrations will be done based on the data available at the registration department. Sources in the registration department say that due to non-registration of non-agricultural assets for three months, nearly lakhs of sale deeds have stalled. Every month Rs. 450 crore revenue came from the Department of Registrations. Although the registration of agricultural lands is going on at present, the revenue to the government due to them is low! A large amount of revenue comes from the registration of non-agricultural assets. ‘ The registrations department also lost about Rs 1,350 crore in revenue as registrations stalled for three months. Now that registrations have been approved, real estate is booming again. Published by: Ashok Kumar Bonepalli First published: December 10, 2020, 8:31 PM IST