News18 Telugu – VJ Chitra suicide case: Sensational facts in Tamil actress VJ Chitra suicide case ..

Tamil actress Vijay Chitra (VJ Chitra / instagram) Actress Vijay Chitra, who created a sensation in the Tamil industry, is making progress in the suicide case. She committed suicide at 2.30 am on December 9 at a five star hotel in Chennai. The industry as well as the fans were shocked when she made such a terrible decision at the age of just 28. Family members are raising suspicions over her death. They are making sensational allegations that their daughter is not suicidal .. her fianc Hemant was killed. However, police said they did not find any evidence of murder after a thorough examination of the room where the suicide took place. They told the preliminary inquest that the film had committed suicide. But family members say it was definitely murder. In addition, Vijaya, the mother of Vijay Chitra, alleges that her fianc beat her daughter to death. Tamil actress Vijay Chitra (VJ Chitra / instagram) was also in the shooting the night before she died .. her daughter who said she was late to come .. she asks how she will die till dawn. She says that Hemant called in the morning and told her that the movie was dead. They say they have suspicions about him. Hemant was engaged to Chitra in August. Even if these two stay together in the same place. She also applied to get married in February 2021 at the Registrar’s Office. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Tamil actress Vijay Chitra (VJ Chitra / instagram) is currently busy with her Pandian Stores serial. It got a lot of following with the character of Mullai. The film has been a star on television since 2013. Fans still can’t believe her death. However, the real reasons for her suicide have not been revealed yet. But family members say he was murdered. Chennai police said they would order a further inquiry if necessary. But at the moment their trial says the film is definitely suicidal. It remains to be seen how many more sensational facts will come out in this case. Published by: Praveen Kumar Vadla First published: December 10, 2020, 8:53 PM IST