Nick Jonas has an invaluable reaction to his nickname ‘National Jiju’

Hollywood singer and actor Nick Jonas married Priyanka Chopra two years ago and the couple has grown stronger ever since. Recent reports even suggest that a baby is also on the couple’s mind.

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The two celebrities recently interacted via video conference and even answered some questions from fans. Nick shared how he loves India and has learned more about the culture here. He also reacted by being called jiju, an endearing term for the sister’s husband.

On being called jiju, Nick said, “I think Priyanka is the country’s sister in some way, and I’m happy to be my sister’s husband.” Priyanka added that they loved it when the nickname ‘national jiju’ started trending on social media when they got married and how it has sucked with Nick ever since.

On the couple’s second wedding anniversary, Nick had even shared some invisible photos of their wedding day and appreciated that he was a part of Hindu rituals.

In reaction to Nick’s post, Priyanka had even called him her ‘Bollywood hero’. The couple currently live in London, while Priyanka shoots her next film Text For You there. Written and directed by Jim Strouse, the film is an English version of the German language film SMS Fur Dich, based on the novel by Sofie Cramer. Priyanka’s co-star in the film is Sam Heughan, best known for his role as an actor and producer on the hit series Outlander.