No stay on registrations .. High Court on Dharani Portal |

The Telangana High Court has once again clarified that it has not given stay on the registrations. The High Court has held a lengthy hearing on the registration of assets in the Dharani portal. The High Court clarified that Mackem had no objection to the registration being done in the old manner. Counsel for the petitioner said that the registration had been done in the card system in the past and the same procedure should be continued. The Advocate General wants to see online slot booking registered as in the past.

According to Rules 221-230 AP & Telangana State Registration, sec 70 B, the High Court is required to notify the entire state of Telangana. With out Dharani, counsel for the petitioner said that the property tax identity card is mandatory for registration, which is only the old method. Advocate for the petitioner said that the Aadhaar card and entry details in Dharani should not be asked.

The petitioner told the High Court that the government had stopped the registration without giving any stay to the High Court. Dharani told the government to stop only the details but the High Court ruled that no stay was given on the registrations.

The High Court allowed the government to register non-agricultural assets. The High Court has directed that registration should be done in a PTIN based manner along with slot booking. High Court to give PTIN to non-agricultural properties within two days. Then the High Court to register the documents. Petitioners who do not take into account court orders.

The High Court has directed the sellers and buyers to go to the registration office and register in the old manner. The High Court directed the government to file counter-charges against Dharani. The High Court adjourned the next hearing to May 16.