Non-business registrations in the old fashioned way!

© Namaste Telangana Provided by the old method of non-agricultural registrations! Hyderabad: It is learned that steps are being taken to maintain the registration of non-agricultural assets in the old manner. It is learned that the decision was taken after a meeting of top officials headed by CS Somesh Kumar at BRK Bhawan on Tuesday night. No official announcement has been made by the government so far. However, on Wednesday night, the website of the Registration Department changed completely. Details of non-agricultural, agricultural asset registrations could be found on the previous website. However, the new website only limits the details of non-agricultural assets. The High Court has made it clear that registrations can be done in the old manner and will be heard again on Thursday. It is learned that after the court hearing, the officials will make a final announcement in consultation with the CM KCR. A dashboard has been set up to display chitfunds and details of how many registrations have been made on any given day. Suburban registrar gave options for offices, stamp vendors, notaries, franking machines. Website designed to provide market value search, prohibited assets, certified copy, encryption search, e-stamps under online services.


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