Now you can search the Google Assistant settings on Android

In August, Google redesigned the Assistant preferences so that it was just a long alphabetical list. The Google Assistant settings page on Android now features a very convenient search field as settings are being tested in the Routines interface.

When we first saw the new Google Assistant Settings UI, which removed the four-tab layout, in development earlier this year, it already featured search capability. However, at launch, the space above his profile picture and his name was empty.

It started showing up last night to users of the beta version of the Google app with a “Search Settings” message. The results are accompanied by icons with the description provided. There isn’t much else to this feature, but it comes in handy given the number of different menus out there today. The alphabetical order helped, but was not possible as the Assistant continues to acquire new capabilities.

Elsewhere in the Assistant, Google is testing a tweak on the Routines page that is much cleaner with bolder headings and is based on the recently introduced Home / Away interface. Spacing has been improved with Icon Actions, as they are now placed on cards, and Google numbers their order.

The ability to adjust the order of commands exists today, but the numbering aid emphasizes that. The bottom of the page also features a carousel of Wizard actions that you may want to add. A redesign of this experience is much needed since it is a powerful capability, but it can be impressive for first time users.

This redesign of the Routines page, available through the Home app or Wizard settings, is not yet widely implemented today.

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