NSR’s Newest Report: Moon Missions to Generate $ 42.3B Over the Next Decade

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – NSR’s Moon Market Analysis report, launched today, predicts 140 Moon Missions launching over the next decade to generate $ 42.3B. As budget announcements with approved designations are introduced and the ARTEMIS program commits itself to the first woman, and the next man, to the moon by 2024, the main growth areas include the construction of orbital and surface infrastructure.

With renewed interest in the lunar market, the approach to the Moon has changed from the “fast as possible” fast mode to a sustainable presence, through infrastructure, and long-term missions for human presence on the surface .

Crew and infrastructure missions shade all other vertices. NSR sees 68% of total market revenue generated by 2030 and dominated by Lunar surface missions. NSR’s MMA the report also forecasts the future revenue opportunity for moon transportation, communications, remote sensing to equal $ 3.5B between 2020-2030.

“The race back to the Moon has begun, this time with a stronger focus on creating a sustainable and economic ecosystem,” he says Dallas Kasaboski, Chief Analyst and co-author of reports. “Following the commercialization of the low Earth orbit, governments are turning to the commercial market, providing an opportunity to develop commercial capability with real long-term potential.”

“At the moment, all eyes are on the associated ‘Boots on the moon’ missions – but some key emerging markets such as transport, robotics, remote sensing, and communications will enable the Moon Market to grow further beyond, ”he says Hussain Bokhari, Analyst, and co-author of reports. “For the market to grow steadily, a commitment to build key infrastructure for further deep space exploration needs to happen in a sustainable way.”

With a focus firmly placed on lunar crew cruises, significant greenfield opportunities exist for market access and expanding use cases. The need for innovation and technological development across the logistic supply chain must be addressed to achieve mission-critical goals.

About the Report
NSR’s Moon Market Analysis report provides the industry’s only industry comprehensive analysis of this is developing rapidly sector. NSR’s MMA evaluates key industry developments across the Moon market value chain to highlight opportunities for engagement in assessing the current challenges affecting the growth of the sector. Built on NSR’s extensive analysis of historical missions and related industry, this report offers business critical insight into the key missions, players, and vertices is about to shape activity on and around the Moon through the next ten years.

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Companies and Organizations Referred to in the Report:
Airbus, Alpha Space Test and Research Alliance, Aquarian Space, Astrobotic, Blue Origin, Blue Canyon Technologies, Canadens Aerospace Corp., Ceres Robotics, CisLunar Industries, CONAE, Canadian Space Agency (CSA), CNSA, DARPA, Deep Space Systems, Dynetics Inc., ESA, FireFly, Fleet Space Technologies, Goonhilly Earth Station, IBM, Icon Build, ispace Inc., ISpace China, ISRO, Intuitive Machines, KSAT, Lockheed Martin Corporation, LaserLight Communications, Masten Space Systems, MDA, Mission Control Space Services, Mitsubishi Electric, Moonscape, Moon Express, Momentus, NASA, NASDA, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Nokia, Nanoracks LLC, Paragon Space Development Corporation, pH Matter, Rocket Lab, Roscosmos, Sierra Nevada Corporation, SpaceX, Spacebit, SANSA Sweden Space Corporation (SSC), Surrey Satellite Ltd. (SSL), Thales Alenia Space, Teledyne Energy Systems, The Boeing Company, Turkey Space Agency (TUA), Tyvak Nano-Satellite System, UAE Space Agency, US Space Force, and the UK Space Age ncy.

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