OnePlus says it will always add a display option to the OnePlus Watch

OnePlus has announced that it plans to bring new features, such as always-on display mode, a 12-hour viewing surface, and more to its new smartwatch with future software updates. The news came with the announcement of the Watch’s first software update upon release, which OnePlus says is starting to roll out. This release aims to fix the issues we have had with heartbeat tracking and activity, among other bugs.

One of the ways we found the Watch lacking when we reviewed it was the lack of a continuous display, so it is a stand out feature among the planned updates. While that feature alone will not make the device a great watch, it will at least make it more useful as a time piece. However, it will be interesting to see how having the screen on always affects the Watch’s nearly two-week battery life.

Some of the other planned enhancements include giving the user the ability to control their Android phone’s camera, new languages, and enable all the modes of exercise (OnePlus says it will have 110 plus, currently has just over a dozen) and the face-watching AI. OnePlus does not provide a timetable for when these updates will come out. But when they do, they are bound to be a more exciting end than the current update, which seems to fix some of the bigger bugs rather than add new features.