‘Opposition tries to destabilize the nation through farmer revolt’: Yogi Adityanath

On Sunday, Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath strongly criticized the opposition parties, blaming them for plotting a conspiracy to destabilize the country through the farmers movement and warning farmers to be vigilant against such elements.

Addressing a meeting in Meerut on the premises of the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture, after inaugurating his library and laying the cornerstones of different projects, CM Yogi addressed the opposition parties that were extending their support for the farmers movement and he said: “They (opposition parties) are those who do not want the development of the country, the poor and the farmers. They are trying to destabilize the country by training their weapons in the farmers’ movement. ”

The CM program was scheduled to start at 11 am at the agricultural university, but its helicopter was unable to land due to bad weather and it returned to Ghaziabad. He then arrived at the university by road, delaying the program by more than two hours.

He said the opposition parties were upset that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was pushing the country forward. “They conspired because the government guaranteed the payment of sugar cane to farmers. They received money in their bank accounts and benefited from many social assistance plans, including crop insurance. ”

He said the state government had announced the construction of an additional lane on the Hanga canal and allocated a budget of 600 million rupees for the project. He further said that Meerut was connecting to Delhi through a 32 billion rupee regional railway project.

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The CM reiterated that the poor and farmers were the Prime Minister’s priority, but some people were conspiring because Section 370 was abolished in Kashmir, the Ram Temple issue was resolved in Ayodhya, and the income of the middlemen who used to exploit the farmers, had been arrested.

The prime minister accused the opposition parties of demanding the release of those who participated in anti-national activities using the peasant movement. He said that farmers had always contributed to the development and growth of the country and would continue to do so. He reiterated that “problems can be solved with conversation, not with struggle.”

The prime minister planted a sapling before attending the program. Then he came to the BJP regional office and planted a young banyan tree.

The prime minister will participate in discussions on the party’s policies and strategies on different issues, including the upcoming panchayat elections in the state.