Oxygen shortages in hospitals are severe

Oxygen shortages in hospitals are severe

V6 Velugu Posted on Apr 22, 2021

Health Minister Satyender Jain has once again expressed concern over oxygen in Delhi hospitals. He said the situation in each hospital was different. Some have only enough oxygen for 6 hours, others for 8 to 10 hours. How can we say that the situation is good at such a time. He said that the oxygen shortage in Delhi has been severe for 3 days. Yesterday the central government increased the allocations. However, allocations were less than required. Satyendra Jain asked the Center to increase the number of beds. Oxygen deficiency along with beds is severely plaguing Delhi as corona cases are on the rise. Nearly 80 percent of the beds are completely filled.

Kejriwal has said that there is a severe shortage of oxygen in hospitals in Delhi in the last few days. He said the Center has allocated oxygen quota to all the states. Delhi needs about 700 metric tonnes of oxygen every day. The center, which had earlier allocated 378 metric tonnes of oxygen, has recently increased it to 480 tonnes. However, it is not adequate for the current needs. Kejriwal said the Center had also assigned companies to supply oxygen to the respective states. However, some states have stopped supplying oxygen to Delhi.

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