P Chidambaram: ‘There is too much bureaucracy’: P Chidambaram’s comment to NITI CEO Aayog

NEW DELHI: doing a veiled dig in Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayogon comments on the issue of democracy, senior Congress Leader P Chidambaram On Friday, he said there is too much “bureaucracy” in the country.
“There is too much democracy, laments a high-ranking bureaucrat. There is too much bureaucracy, says a distraught democrat,” he said. Chidambaram in a tweet.

In a series of tweets, he criticized the BJP-led government of Uttar Pradesh for enacting a law on ‘love jihad’ and claimed that the foundations of a new Parliament building were laid on the ‘ruins of a liberal democracy’ .

“The foundations for a new Parliament building were laid on the ruins of a liberal democracy,” he said on Twitter, headed by tweet, demanding ‘Nobel Prizes’ for the UP government in the field of literature (fiction) and peace.

“The creativity of the UP deserves two Nobel prizes: Literature (fiction) and Peace,” he tweeted.
“UP is the most creative state in law making and law enforcement. Who else could have invented a crime called ‘love jihad’?” the congressional leader asked in another tweet.
Chidambaram alleged that the state government led by Yogi Adityanath is misusing the new law.
“UP is more creative in law enforcement. Look at three examples: a) an FIR is filed without any complaint; b) an FIR is immediately followed by a court order without bail and a threat of property confiscation; and c) An arrest is made without a FIR, ”said the senior politician.