People are dissatisfied with family rule corruption |

Union Home Minister Kishan Reddy Janagama District: Union Home Minister Kishan Reddy has said that people in Telangana are dissatisfied with family rule corruption and hence want change. He was on a visit to Warangal district and spoke to the media at the Janagama district headquarters. He said that he was traveling only today to see Bhadrakali Amma. Warangal will visit development programs under the auspices of the Central Government. The people of Telangana want change .. It comes not only in Dubbaka and GHMC elections but all over the state .. Currently there are political upheavals in the state of Telangana. BJP will fulfill the aspirations of the people of Telangana and the cars of the movement in the coming days. Narendra Modi at the Center is providing excellent governance .. Some political parties are deliberately working to confuse the farmers criticized. He said that not a single item in the Farmer Agriculture Act was against the farmers. He said there was no opposition to the bill in any state except Punjab across the country. Sharad Joshi, Swaminathan, agronomists and intellectuals said they supported the agriculture bill. Kishan Reddy said that after any election in the state, the people will unite with the people and move forward. After the visit to Warangal, he will visit the family of the late leader Nomula Narsimhaiya.