Permission for registration of non-agricultural assets

Based on the High Court’s consent, the government has promised not to ask for caste details

HYDERABAD: The High Court on Thursday agreed to the government’s request to allow registration of non-agricultural assets through the Computer Aided Administration of Registration Department (CARD). There is no objection to making registrations without asking for any details as in the past. The government has said that if a slot is booked for registration of non-agricultural assets and a property tax identification number (PTI) is submitted, the registration will be done online or physically. The court assured that details of family members, their Aadhaar numbers, caste and family members details would not be collected. In addition to enrollment mode, without any kind of caste law, seeking to challenge the details of Aadhaar kesaket lawyers, lawsuits filed by others aigopalsarma arescauhan Chief Justice, Justice bivijaysenreddila bench hearing Thursday. Advocate General BS Prasad heard the arguments and said that the petitioners had filed some more interim petitions and hence asked the counters to file some more time for filing. He said that there were some other urgent matters, such as the spread of corona, the inability to go for registrations in the wake of bringing in a new venue like Dharani, etc. and therefore asked to make minor changes in the past orders. The tribunal responded by saying that they had not given a stay, that they had not been told to do the registration, and that it could be done in the old manner. At this stage, Gopal Sharma’s senior lawyer D Prakash Reddy intervened and said that in the past people used to go to online or registration offices and now it is all online. He said that PTI had not been asked in the past and it would be clear from the provisions of Section 70 of the Registration Act. They demanded that the registrations be stopped last September and that the old system not be done without any restrictions. The AG responded by saying that the government had never tried to mock the court orders and would continue with the previous policy. The tribunal questioned the situation of those who do not have online facilities and said that the registration department would co-operate. However, slot booking was mandatory, the AG said. Dharani clarified that the registration was not done in a manner. The tribunal hearing the arguments stated that the AG was registering the guarantee and allowing the registration to be done in the manner specified in Sections 70A, 70B, 70C, Rules 221 to 237 of the Registration Act. The court adjourned the hearing on the other interim petitions till the 16th of this month. No ban on slot booking The High Court has ruled that there was nothing wrong with the government’s decision to book slot for registration. Clarified that there is no legal prohibition on slot booking. He said that it would be difficult to get a thousand people at once and that the slot method would be useful to keep it in order. If there is a problem online or the computer system is damaged, there is an alternative in the rules. It was clarified that the slot can come for registration within the allotted time after booking and if there is no PTI number then it is the responsibility of the government to allot within two days. Hyderabad: Registrations of non-agricultural properties in the state will begin from Friday. The slot registration process will continue on the website of the Department of Stamps and Registration under the previous system (card). Registrations will start from the 14th. The government has issued orders suspending registrations in the state from September 8 with the idea of ​​holding the Dharani portal as a platform. Subsequent Dharani portal has issued separate orders to the Municipal, GHMC and Gram Panchayats for registration and mutation of non-agricultural assets. As part of this, the process of linking the details of properties with property tax identification numbers in villages and towns to the Dharani portal has begun. Objections to the registration of details such as Aadhaar in Dharani, the process of registration of non-agricultural assets has not been initiated in the wake of court cases. In the wake of the High Court judgment, the CM directed KCR to start registration of non-agricultural assets from Friday. On Thursday evening, IG Seshadri of the Department of Stamp Registration and other senior officials discussed the matter with CS Someshkumar. It was decided to arrange for the slot to be registered on the website of the Department of Stamps and Registration. ‘We are offering slot bookings from Friday. Sub-Registrars have been directed to make arrangements accordingly. Registrations start at 14. Special orders or guidelines will be issued on this. We will continue the process accordingly, ”said a senior official of the department. Decisions can be made from * 11 onwards. * Only those who have paid the full fee will have this opportunity. * Registrations will start from 14. * Registration will be allowed only if the slot is registered in advance on the website.