PFI Student Wing Leader Held in Kerala, Hathras Funding Link Under Scan

Campus Front of India (CFI) general secretary Rauf Shareef was detained at Thiruvananthapuram airport on Saturday. The action followed a surveillance notice issued by Uttar Pradesh police against him regarding alleged funds to foment trouble after the Hathras gang-rape case, said additional director general (law and order) Prashant Kumar.

The student wing official of the Popular Front of India (PFI) was wanted for alleged funds to incite caste violence in the context of the gang rape and murder of a 19-year-old Dalit woman, a crime that was Suspicions have been carried out by upper caste men — in Hathras earlier this year.

Kumar said that Shareef, a Kerala resident, was in detention when he arrived at the airport to move out of the country. He said that the defendant planned to go to Muscat.

A team of state police will depart for Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday morning to take custody of Shareef and take him to Uttar Pradesh for questioning. The surveillance notice was issued against him on November 18 after his name came to light to generate funds to incite violence in the state after four PFI members were arrested from Mathura while going to Hathras on the 5th. October. He said the FIR showed up at the Math police station. of Mathura on the matter, the ADG said.

He said the surveillance notice was issued after investigations revealed that Rauf was in frequent contact with two of the four people, Atiq-ur-Rehman and Masood, after the Hathras incident in September. He said Shareef provided funding and also made other arrangements to incite violence.

According to the ADG, the investigation also hinted that Shareef has been involved in generating funds from abroad and using them to create tension and incite violence in the country.

The Uttar Pradesh police special task force has been investigating the matter after taking over the case on October 22. STF officials have claimed that they have gathered a lot of evidence since then to unravel the entire conspiracy to incite caste violence with the intention of creating law and order in the state.