Pic Talk: #NisChay Kisses captured

December 11, 2020

Niharika and Chaitanya were married in a great adventure in Udaipur with blessings and in the midst of all the members of the Mega family. Although they all flew home, each of them remembers and appreciates the memories of the wedding.

Both Niharika and Chaitanya are busy remembering the same image, the capture of a kiss. During the Sangeet event photoshoot, Chaitanya kissing Niharika on the forehead is captured by the famous wedding and celebrity photographer Joseph Radhik. By looking at the image, one can understand how romantic and artistic it is and is still so precious to the couple as well.

That is a wonderful capture of many at the #NisChay wedding. Well, we wait and see to be treated for many of those catches.

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