Pics new tax in AP .. How many toilets is as much tax: TDP

© News18 Posted by Telugu “Jagan new tax in AP .. Tax on as many toilets as there are: TDP” YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh Former CM and Leader of Opposition Nara Chandrababu Naidu said that the people are being burdened with various taxes. Chandrababu conducted a review with the Kadapa Parliament leaders. TDP zonal party in-charges and constituency in-charges attended the review meeting. ‘At that time, they wanted the panchayat elections. Now that elections are being held everywhere, there is talk of holding elections here as well. Jagan did not care about the systems, the courts or the people. Such a strange chief minister. Chief Minister of Vitanda. Chief of Destruction. Whenever panchayat elections are held, the goal should be to defeat the YCP. A lesson for the YCP anarchism that TDP wins in all constituencies. Tax on all toys in urban areas, tax on roads, tax on putt paths, tax on sitting, tax on standing. This is another tax CM. Became CEO of Tariffs. It has become a burden to the people. An incompetent CM who cannot provide at least clean drinking water in Eluru. Chlorination should be done regularly during the TDP regime. Lead samples were high in the blood samples of the victims. People don’t care if fits come and giggle. Doing stupidly. ‘ Said Chandrababu. Chandrababu criticized YS Jagan as a fake chief minister. ‘Jagan is a fake chief minister. The words of the wind do not catch the attention of the people except the actions of the wind. Jagan is a reflection of incompetence, arrogance and negligence. The administration will not. Don’t care what anyone says. There is no consistency in what is said and what is done. He is making policies for the corruption of himself and his followers. Money is important to Jaganmohan Reddy. That is why many taxes and duties are being imposed on the people. The free sand policy was abolished. Millions of construction workers were killed. People have been harassed for years in the name of the new policy. YCP sand exploitation has petrified in all areas. Jagan Naijam made it clear to the people that alcohol would be banned. Robbing the liquor mafia with crumbling own brands. Sanitizers, adulterated people do not seem to be ant-eating when they die. ‘ Chandrababu was incensed. Chandrababu also alleged that the TDP had extorted thousands of crores in the case of poor houses. ’30 lakh people are being given houses in 10-15 feet deep floodplains, mangrove forests, cemeteries and uninhabitable places. Thousands of crores of land scams have been committed. During the TDP regime, Tidco houses, which were superior to modern gated communities, were harassed for not giving them to the poor. Several thousand kilometers of roads were built under the TDP regime. Thousands of panchayat buildings and Anganwadi buildings were constructed. Instead of giving money to those who did these things, they painted them and squandered Rs 3,000 crore. ‘ Chandrababu was incensed.


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