Pixel 6 assembly video leaks: Matte sides, 4,614mAh battery

Yesterday’s Pixel 6 Pro assembly and disassembly videos have already been deleted “due to a copyright claim by Google LLC.” However, the same YouTube channel this morning posted “Pixel 6 assembly video.”

The assembly process for Google’s smaller phone is not too different, starting with the bottom microphone assembly and then the top speaker in the left corner. Next is the “MLB” (the main logic board), while we get an interesting view of the Pixel 6 matte side rails when the SIM tray is inserted. A little reminiscent of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

Given the lack of a telephoto lens, the camera array is shorter and takes no more than half the width of the phone. In the meantime, we learn that the typical battery capacity of the Pixel 6 is 4,614mAh / 17.81Wh. Next up, it is interesting to see how the graphite sheets are applied.

On mmWave models, the “5G module” is just above the cameras, while the front-end is clearly smaller than the Pixel 6 Pro ultrawide sensor, which we learned today it has a 94 degree FOV and is approaching lens a dedicated Pixel 3 front.

Google will probably also delete this “Pixel 6 assembly video,” while we haven’t yet seen “diceservice. ”

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