PlayStation 5 teardown finds intense cooling system and custom SSD controller

iFixit has revealed the internals of the PS5.

Dan Ackerman / CNET

iFixit posted the teardown of Sony’s PlayStation 5 on Friday, exploring the repairability and inner workings of the new console. The company disassembled the more expensive disk drive version of the PS5 instead of the digital edition, and found what appears to be a proprietary SSD controller. Overall, the site called the PlayStation 5 “a breakthrough in console gaming technology.”

“It looks like Sony made a custom SSD controller to handle the incredible data rates of the PS5,” iFixit said. “Meanwhile he [Xbox] The X Series uses a more conventional looking setup with SanDisk hardware. “

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iFixit praised the PS5’s massive fan, multiple heat pipes that overlap “like a highway interchange,” and suction ports for dust.

“When it comes to easy maintenance of your console’s cooling hardware, you could say we’re big fans,” wrote iFixit. “The PS5 implements ‘omni-directional’ cooling, with this thick 120mm squirrel cage sucking in cool air from both sides.”

On the subject of repairability, iFixit said that although the main storage is paired with the motherboard, expansion should be possible with M.2 SSDs once enabled by Sony. The optical drive is also replaceable “but cannot be easily changed thanks to software locks.”

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Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment.