Political upheavals in Telangana: Kishan Reddy

Warangal: Union Minister Kishan Reddy has advised the Opposition to refrain from spreading false propaganda on the agricultural laws brought by the Center. Kishan Reddy visited Bhadrakali Amma in Warangal on Friday morning. On this occasion the temple priests welcomed the Union Minister with Poornakumbh. Before reaching Warangal, the Union Minister paused in the crowd and spoke to the media. “Dubbaka, not only in GHMC but also in Telangana the people want change. Political turmoil is taking place in the state. The people of the state are dissatisfied with family rule and corruption. In the coming days, the BJP will fulfill the aspirations of the people of Telangana and the aspirations of the movement cars. Some political parties are confusing farmers. Not a single item in the new cultivation laws is against farmers. Nowhere except in the state of Punjab do farmers oppose these laws. Agronomists and intellectuals have expressed support for the new laws, ”Kishan Reddy said.

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