Prepare double bedroom house in Narsapur

Kaakateeya For the first time in the state, the construction of houses with 1341 allotted plots will be fully transparent. The authorities have made all arrangements to provide these houses, which are ideally built for the country, to the poor. 1341 houses will be opened in the first phase. While 144 people will make house entrances in the presence of CM KCR‌, the rest will move into new houses in installments. The district administration has made arrangements to provide the current meter meter number, water connection connection, property tax, common affidavit and cooking gas related documents along with the house title at the time of entry into the house in the name of the beneficiaries. In Narsapur, 2460 houses have been completed at a cost of about Rs 163 crore and are ready for inauguration. Of these, 1341 houses will be provided to the poor in the first installment. The remaining 1119 houses will be allotted to the deserving in phases. 250 district and other authorities worked tirelessly for 6 months to select the beneficiaries. The Minister and the District Collector conducted frequent reviews and oversaw the process. After receiving and reviewing the applications, several field level inquiries were conducted to select the eligible candidates and the technical data was used to run the Big Data and compare the details of the applicants. The list of beneficiaries was drawn up after considering the objections raised by the people. Allotment of houses was done by lottery in the presence of ward councilors. The entire draw process was video recorded. Harishanna came to Siddipet ten years ago to fulfill my dream. Since then, my husband and I have been working as day laborers for a long time. Incoming earnings are not enough to pay for the children’s education. The government is very happy to think about the poor and allocate houses. With the kindness of CM KCR, Harishanna, the dream of poor people like Iyyala like me is being fulfilled.- Krishnaveni, 21st Ward Until we are honest, we will remember KCR and Harish for many years. Coolie and survive. We measure Saibaba. Our Gosa Harish‌ anna, Majjunna heard. KCR‌ Father Lekka gave us a house. We measure KCR and Harish Rao as gods until we are pure.- Zuluri Anuradha, 1st Ward Narsapur Double Bedroom Specials 24 hour cooking gas supply, drinking water, electricity supply, underground drainage, two large community halls integrated market complex, posthumous posts Very close to Deepalurajeev Road, Special Sewage Treatment Plant Underground Ground, Power Bore, Water Alternative Drinking Water Supply Water Connections 20 meters Community nail holes Internal, green trees on both sides of main roadsSource