Primitive Suresh’s key statement on teacher transfers –

Minister Adi Moolapu Suresh today revealed key facts about teacher transfers. He said blocking of posts by 25-30 per cent in relation to teacher transfers was not a new issue. He said it was not true that 50 per cent of the posts were blocked as they were targeted at schools in rural and tribal areas. He said that online options in teacher transfers started from Ivalti and it was possible to register any number of options online for only five days. He said that the web options made by the teachers for transfers will be frozen on the 16th and these web options will be displayed till the 21st. He said that manual counseling is not possible at present as we are conducting web counseling only for transparency. Those who worked in the fourth category were given the opportunity to get postings in areas where HRA is high, he said, adding that the vacancies were divided into four categories. He said there were 1,72,082 teacher posts in the state and there were no flaws in the software. Headmasters have been given 5 years to prioritize long standing teachers in transfers. Teachers said those who have done 8 years will come under the transfer. He said those who have completed 2 years will be given the opportunity to transfer the request.