Priyanka Chopra: Please understand the situation .. Situation is like that .. Priyanka Chopra Emotional Comments – priyanka chopra emotional comments on corona second wave


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Corona virus is rampant in the country. People are shaking beyond the second wave. While the situation is similar in all the states .. Maharashtra is on a heroic excursion. The situation there is extremely dangerous. The corona bite is causing concern among many movie celebrities as well as the general public. Global beauty Priyanka Chopra has made some suggestions that the corona needs to be taken care of amidst the latest conditions in this regard.

Priyanka posted on social media that no one should come out unless it is an emergency and that everyone should dutifully wear a mask. She said the situation had arisen because people had not taken proper care for the past two months under the illusion that the corona had been reduced and that proper precautions still needed to be taken. She expressed her concern over the dire situation in all the states at present.
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Stay at home for yourself, your family, friends, neighbors, relatives, and our frontline workers. Please do not come out unless absolutely necessary. Wear a mask every time you go out. Please understand the situation .. Situation is like that. Priyanka also said that you should get vaccinated when it is your turn. She said that these precautions that we take will reduce the pressure on the medical field.