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In bad news for PUBG Mobile India, India’s top children’s rights body NCPCR has said that it will not be appropriate to relaunch PUBG in the country until the government puts in place laws to regulate such online games in the country. The president of the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights (NCPCR), Priyank Kanoongo, is known to have “strongly recommended” the relaunch of the mobile application in India until the government drafts laws for such online games.

When asked about it, Kanoongo told PTI: “It was an internal meeting and, prima facie, the NCPCR is not in favor of recommending this type of game in the country.”

There is no denying the fact that PUBG Mobile was a very popular game in the Indian mobile gaming community until the central government decided to ban it in September 2019 for security reasons.

But PUBG Mobile fans in India were delighted after it was announced that PUBG Mobile was planning to re-launch in India in the form of a special Indian version. It was also reported that PUBG Mobile India will come loaded with some new features that are different from the original game.

PUBG Corporation released a press release on November 12 announcing that the company was planning to launch PUBG Mobile India very soon in India. The statement also mentioned that PUBG Corporation would establish a subsidiary in India and the company will invest USD 100 million in the country.

Shortly after making the announcement of the relaunch, PUBG Corporation also released PUBG Mobile India trailers on social media and PUBG Mobile India’s official YouTube channel. The teasers featured some of the most prominent faces from the PUBG Mobile Indian community: ‘Dynamo’, ‘Kronten’ and ‘Jonathan’.

The company also launched an official website exclusively for PUBG Mobile India, but the website currently only has links to their official social media identifiers. It does not provide details about PUBG Mobile India and only displays a ‘Coming Soon’ message.

In the ‘news section’ of the website, players can access an APK download link and Google Playstore download option, but these links also redirect players to the official global version website.

PUBG Mobile India is known to feature certain changes to the game, such as the green hit effect, the default character clothing, and the feature to restrict playtime.

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Some reports claimed that PUBG India was registered as a company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs on November 21 with an authorized capital of Rs 15 lakh. Sean (Hyunil) Sohn, Head of Corporate Development at KRAFTON Inc and Kumar Krishnan Iyer were appointed as the two directors of the company.

Previously, it was reported that the company planned to launch PUBG Mobile India on Diwali, but it didn’t happen.