PUBG Mobile India: New Features, Release Date, APK Download Links

Latest PUBG Mobile India Updates: The wait for the launch of PUBG Mobile India continues. After the Chinese app was banned in India, PUBG Corporation announced the return of the game in a localized version exclusively for Indian players. While players are waiting for the game’s official release date, we’ve complied with all PUBG-related updates to get you covered. Also read: Good news for PUBG Mobile fans! 1.2 Beta APK Download Link Released For Android Users | Step-by-step guide for users

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A report from India today Had the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) have denied permission to PUBG Corporation for the launch of PUBG Mobile. The report added that the government is not convinced of the launch of the app despite various changes from PUBG corporations. Also Read – Latest PUBG Mobile India Updates: When And Where Will APK Download Links Be Available?

“There is no change in that position at this stage,” an official told Indiesport. “Any forbidden entity cannot operate simply by floating [a] new company. They will have to obtain permits from MEITY to operate once again in India, ”the official also said. Indiesport.

Until and unless PUBG Corporation can get the go-ahead from the government, the mobile game will not be able to launch in India. Cross our fingers.

New features expected in the new PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India will reportedly have some unique features. The user interface and appearance are expected to be different from the global version of the game. PUBG Mobile India characters are said to be fully clothed.

Welcome gift leaked online

Meanwhile, a report from The Indian Express said that many YouTubers and data miners allegedly saw PUBG Mobile India’s welcome gift, within the global version of PUBG Mobile. Such a gift is expected to be given to players who would download and play PUBG Mobile India at launch, the report adds. The giveaway is likely to include the Anarkali helmet, the Anarkali outfit, and a classic box coupon.

So when can you expect PUBG India APK download links?

A few days ago, many users had seen the ‘APK Download’ options in the ‘News section’ of the website, although it was found not to work. The official website reportedly displayed two buttons. While the first button led to a listing for the game on the Google Play Store, the second was said to be an APK link through which users can download the game.

It seems that we will have to wait until the official launch of PUBG Mobile India in order to download APK links. To his disappointment, the wait continues.

Reports Now Say APK Download Links Will Be Available On PUBG India Official Website