Rajini coming on ‘Cycle’ ..!? Create history ..? –

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth, who has gained millions of fans with his dialogues and style on the silver screen, is stepping towards a political party. In fact, there has been a debate on Rajini’s political entry for some years now. However, there are doubts as to whether Rajni will make a political entry at some stage. However, with his latest announcement, his entry into politics has been finalized. Rajini has already revealed that the first announcement of the party will come on December 31. More details will be revealed in January. Various discussions on party flag, agenda, election symbol, etc. have become a hot topic. Rajinikanth’s team maintains secrecy over party name, flag, agenda, etc. But, with some leaks, the discussion on them is going on in a range. According to sources, Rajinikanth’s party is likely to have a ‘bicycle’ as a symbol of elections. The party flag may be in three colors. However, will a huge public meeting be allowed because of Kovid? Or ..? What to do if permission is not given .. We are also making plans on how to manage if permission is given. The announcement of the political party on the 31st of this month, Rajani’s coming to the people with the party in January has been confirmed. The symbol is reminiscent of ‘Cycle’ .. NTR who came with the symbol of ‘Cycle’ .. founded the party in just six months .. campaign .. went to the polls and won. On the other hand, the ‘cycle’ cycle has turned in Uttar Pradesh politics as well. Mulayam Singh Yadav, the founder of the Samajwadi Party, also played a key role in politics. . No matter what the UP thing is .. NTR and Rajinikanth have very close similarities .. Telugunata imagined every god in the form of Annagari .. And in a short period of time, in Andhra Pradesh, the wheel was turned with a ‘bicycle’. Now, like NTR, superstar Rajinikanth is also coming with ‘Cycle’ .. Fans are counting on him to win in a short period of time .. However, it is known that next year’s assembly elections will be held in Tamil Nadu.