Realme GT Neo Review: The first phone with MTK Dimensionity 1200

We recently published our review of the Realme GT. Although it has been less than a month since we met the GT, the brand has launched another new phone, the Realme GT Neo, which is more cost effective than the GT model. And I think everyone is interested in MediaTek’s Dimension 1200 as well. So will the Realme GT Neo become the best budget phone to buy this month? Let’s find out!

NEO GT Realme Review: Design and Display

NEO's Realme GT included a 16 Review

To be honest, I like the color of the Neo GT better than the unchanged color of the Realme GT. Although the top left corner of the camera design is the same, the Realme color and logo is designed with great care. The Realme logo and slogan are hidden inside a glossy stripe on the left. And this logo is designed to mimic a trendy, box-framed brand logo.

NEO's Realme GT included Review 14 Interestingly, the color we have is called “Final Fantasy”. But it has nothing to do with the game by the same name. Instead, it’s almost the same color as the Redmi K40, and the only major difference is that the GT Neo’s frosted material is slightly coarser than the K40.

NEO's Realme GT logo included a ReviewNFC and 3.5mm headphone jack are present. But because of the need to control costs, its frame and back are made of plastic. So it manages to keep the weight down to 180g. Combined with its 6.4-inch size, it feels great in the hand. But this makes the back easy to scratch, and the shiny fingerprint-stained part is also harder to dry than glass.

NEO 13 Realme GT Review

The realme GT Neo is equipped with a 1080P, 120Hz refresh rate Super AMOLED screen. This screen is supposed to be the same screen as the realme GT. The fingerprint identification method is your usual under-screen sensor. Although the fingerprint identification site is relatively lower, because it is only 6.43 inches, it is not uncomfortable to use. Also, since it is powered by an MTK processor, the HDR decoding problem is still the same as realme 8. The colors will be significantly darker when watching HDR videos.

NEO GT Realme Review: Hardware and Performance

MTK’s new generation flagship chip, the Dimensionity 1200, was first launched on the real GT Neo. As realme dares to put a MediaTek chip on its GT series, it means that they are very optimistic about this chip. In 3DMark the phone scores 4244, while in Geekbench 5 it scores 974 on one core, and 3331 on multi-core tests. The Dimension 1200 realme GT Neo scores almost the same as the Snapdragon 870 K40 in the Benchmark test. So, is Dimensionity 1200 a winner? Let’s find out.

NEO Realme GT Review 12

The frame rate curve of PUBG is very smooth. Looks like there’s no problem. However, due to the HDR Graphics Ultra frame rate, PUBG is unable to enable the extreme frame rate of HDR Graphics on the Realme GT Neo. And to enable Extreme frame rate you have to turn Graphics down smoothly.

NEO 08 Realme GT ReviewThe frame rate limiting problem is also present in Brightridge. The maximum frame rate is locked at 35fps, but Genshin Impact typically runs at 60fps. I have to say, with the GT mode on, it’s an average of 49fps. This average frame rate is almost as good as the Snapdragon 870 on the Redmi K40. And probably because of the all-plastic body. Amazingly, the body doesn’t warm up much.

But Dimension 1200 is not perfect. For example, you would experience more lags than the K40 Snapdragon 870 powered. If you want the ultimate gaming experience, the GT Neo may not be the best option. But the gameplay is pretty stable, and at this price point, its gaming performance can be considered fine.

NEO GT Realme Review: Camera

The main camera on the Realme GT Neo is 64MP IMX682. The other two cameras are 8mp ultra-wide lens and 2mp macro lens. Although the GT Neo realme camera module is identical to the realme GT module. But MTK optimization of the camera is much harder than Qualcomm chip. So how’s the overall performance?

NEO 04 Realme GT Camera Comment Review

Main Camera and Night Image

The main camera maintains a realme GT color style. The colors are intense and the contrast is high. No significant noise reduction to maintain detail. The night scene in auto mode is also great. However, the night mode stability needs to be improved. Night mode is almost the same as auto mode when there is enough light. But once the light is very low, the night mode does not perform as well as the auto mode. Exposure is not adequate, and details are almost lost.

Wide Angle Camera

The ultra-wide lens is not as good as the main camera. During the day, after triggering HDR you will probably notice a lot of noise in the highlighted area. The overall sample is often bad. The purple fringe issue is still there, but it’s much better than the GT realme. At night with the ultra-wide lens, the picture is like a cover. There is a significant loss of detail. It gets better when you turn the night mode on. However, in very low light conditions, the image is underestimated. The picture is almost impossible to use.

Macro and Video Camera Shooting

The macro lens is the same as the realme GT, with the nearest focusing distance of 4cm. the image quality is not as good as the main camera. Let’s pretend it doesn’t exist.

Also don’t expect realme GT Neo to shoot good videos. Main camera stabilization is very weak and virtually unusable. As for the ultra wide lens performance, I won’t say much, you just look at the video (check out our video review at the top) and you’ll know what I want to say.

NEO GT Realme Review: Battery Charging and Life

Charging Speed
Charging Speed

Although the realme GT Neo does not have a 65w charging adapter, the 50w charging power provided is also considered very powerful. There is a charger and a charging cable in the box. In our test, it took ten minutes to reach 35%, thirty minutes to 75%, and a full charge only takes about 51 minutes.

Battery Life
Battery Life

The 4500mAh battery will also ensure average phone life. Half an hour of TikTok and half an hour of 1080p video each ate 6%, half an hour of Genshin Effect ate 17%. 23 minutes of PUBG used 6%, of course, this is the result of Ultra HDR Graphics frame rate setting.

NEO 01 Realme GT Review

The Realme GT Neo is certainly a good phone. It has good looks with decent performance. And the main camera is not bad for taking pictures. Most important is that it is still very well priced. If you want to buy a budget phone, it’s definitely a choice you can’t ignore.