Rs 473 crore deposited in a farmer’s account .. if you go to the bank ..! –

After the cancellation of Rs.1000 and old Rs.500 notes as if they were Prime Minister Narendra Modi .. some bank officials showed their hand .. crores of crores also appeared in the zero account accounts .. with this their shock was eaten up and the bank was run over .. the mistake was sent back .. then, occasionally It is common for mistakes to happen in banks … Recently .. Rs 473 crore has been deposited in the accounts of a Telangana farmer .. But, the situation of not being able to withdraw .. How did he get so much into his account? That did not happen to the farmer .. Finally he went to the bank .. He said that the actual amount was not in my account .. But, this matter became a big discussion locally .. Going into full details .. Anumula Sanjeevareddy, a farmer from Gandhamalla village, Turkapalli mandal, Bhubaneswar district, Bhubaneswar. Has an account in a rural bank. Sanjeevareddy went to Jagdevpur in the adjoining Siddipet district. He tried to draw money at the DCCB ATM Center through the ATM card while the money was needed. No matter how many times he tried, he did not get the money and checked his balance. He was shocked to see the balance in his account. 473,13,30,000 in the account. He could not understand why so much money was in his account. SBI also checked the ATM to see if there was any false receipt in the ATM. There also showed the same balance .. However, he had all the money in his account .. He went to the Deccan Gramin Bank in Bhubaneswar to find out why the money was not coming from the ATM. When the matter was brought to the notice of the bank officials, they checked and said, ‘Your account has been frozen. The ATM server is not working.’ ..But, the fact that he has hundreds of crores of rupees in his account has become a hot topic locally.