Rs 473 crore in Telangana farmer’s account overnight … what happened .. why happened … | rs.473cr deposited in a telangana farmer account might happened by banks mistake

Like this light ... Anumula Sanjeevareddy is an ordinary farmer from Gandhamalla village, Turkapalli mandal, Yadadri, Bhubaneswar district. Money Sanjeevareddy went to Jagdevpur in Siddipet district on Wednesday (December 9) and went to the local DCCB ATM center in need of money. However, no matter how many times I tried, the money did not come from the ATM. With this, it was found that the balance in the account was Rs.473,13,30,000. Check at SBA ATM ... Sanjeeva Reddy did not understand how so much money came into his account even though he checked at the SBA ATM. Felt that it might have been shown incorrectly due to an error in the ATM. He immediately went to the nearest SBI ATM and checked the balance in the account. That’s all there too .. showed that there was Rs.473,13,30,000 in the account but the money was not withdrawn. On Thursday (December 10), he went to the Deccan Gramin Bank, where he had his account in Bhubaneswar. Officials say frozen ... The officers who said it was frozen … took the ATM receipt and showed it to the bank officials. He also said that the money was not drawn from his bank. With this, the bank officer who examined Sanjeevareddy’s account said that his account was frozen. However, the reasons for this were not disclosed. Moreover, Sanjeevareddy said there was only Rs 4,000 in the account. With this, Sanjeevareddy did not know how the Rs 473 crore came into his account and why he went back. Many people started looking for Sanjeevareddy as there was a local rumor that he had deposited huge amount of money in his account. Source