Russian warplane attack .. – aadabhyderabad

  • 200 terrorists killed!
  • Attack on a terrorist camp in Syria
  • 24 vehicles were also destroyed
  • Russia has been conducting military operations in Syria since 2015

Russian forces cracked down on terrorists. Russian warplanes strike terrorist training camp in Syria The Russian military says at least 200 militants were killed in the attack. It also claimed that 24 vehicles belonging to the militants were destroyed. On the occasion, Admiral Alexander Karpov said that a terrorist camp had been attacked near the Syrian River. He said explosives were also found in the camp. Terrorists are being trained in similar camps that are not under the control of Syrian authorities
The Russian military says similar operations are ongoing in the region. The Russian military has been conducting military operations in Syria since 2015. Working in support of Syrian President Assad Bashar. ISIS recently claimed to have killed two Russian soldiers. In retaliation, the Russian air force reportedly carried out attacks.