Sai Pallavi surprised by the equality of Rana!

The talented heroine Sai Pallavi is not the usual heroine we see. He prefers papers endorsed by the author and does his best.

‘Viraata Parvam’ is next in line for Sai Pallavi and filming for the film is nearing completion.

Apparently the heroine of ‘Fidaa’ was shocked and at the same time shocked by Rana Daggubati, who is the male lead of the film.

It is the gesture of putting the name of Sai Pallavi in ​​front of Rana and this was initiated by the hero Daggubati himself. Speaking about it, he said: “Rana knows that my character in Viraata Parvam is significant and that is why my name appears in front and Rana’s after. He believes in equality and values ​​everyone with the same respect ”.

This was unexpected, Sai Pallavi added and he’s also quite excited about the movie.

Directed by Venu Uduguala, ‘Viraata Parvam’ is a period drama produced by SLV Cinemas while it is presented by Suresh Productions.

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