Shankara I to Hyderabad

© Namaste Posted by Telangana Shankara Eye Sarvendrianam Nayanam Pradhanam to Hyderabad .. This one word is enough to say the importance of the eye in the body. Eyes are an incredible treasure for man. The great intention is to take care of that eye .. ‘Shankara Eye Foundation’ Hospital ‘is providing services. Now the hospital is about to enter Telangana. Having set world records in providing free, quality eye care, this treatment is now coming to our fore. The Foundation is planning to set up the largest hospital in Hyderabad, the state capital, after headquarters. KTR, the Minister, gave a hearty welcome to the charity and asked the people to welcome him along with them. KTR appealed to the people to give a warm welcome to over 20 lakh medical services pioneers in the field of free eye care. Namaste Telangana: Shankara Eye Foundation is a charity. The main purpose of this foundation is to provide quality free medical care to the poor. The hospital, which started as a small primary health care center in Coimbatore, is now one of the leading in the country. It was started in May 1977, with the encouragement of Kanchi Shankaracharya by Dr. RV Ramani and his wife Dr. Radharamani. Since then the hospital has provided and continues to provide free medical care to millions of pedophiles. It is said that if the will is great, then success is not theirs. Currently, the Foundation has 11 super specialty eye care clinics in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Shankara Eye Foundation is now set to set foot in Telangana to provide quality medical care for free. IT and Industries Minister K Tarakaramarao took to Twitter to announce the good news. This is the success story..1977 .. Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Center (Primary Health Care Center) in Coimbatore 1981 .. Established in 9 places in Coimbatore. 1982 .. Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust established 1985 .. Shankara Eye Bank in Coimbatore 1986 .. Shankara Eye Care Center established there 1998 1998 .. Shankara Eye Foundation – USA established 2004 .. Shankara Eye Hospital named Krishna Arpanam established in Krishnan Temple in Tamil Nadu 2004 .. AP Guntur 225 Shankara Eye Hospital 2008 .. 225 bed hospital along with training center set up in Bangalore 2008 .. 22 families with 225 beds donated on land donated by 40 families in Shivamogga, Karnataka 2008 .. 225 bed hospital in Anand, Gujarat 2012 .. A woman hospital in Shanti in Ludhiana, Punjab .. Shankara 2014 as the foundation for ten lakh surgeries .. Shankara Eye Hospital in Kanpur, UP 2017 .. Another hospital in Jaipur, Rajasthan 2020 .. Another eye care center set up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh Shankara Eye Hospital record .. People in need of treatment: Thousands of survivors: 18 (under construction 3) providing free, quality medical care to millions of poor people around the world The Shankara Eye Foundation, the largest hospital in the country, is set to set up its second largest hospital in Hyderabad to provide free medical care to rural people in Telangana. Join me in inviting that foundation.-Minister KTR on Twitter


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