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'Shilpiguru' Naneshwar is no more ..

Sick craft ascetic eyelid ..
National recognition for his artwork
Famous with the Sculptor Award in 2015
Mourning of Joint District Artists

Kermeri, April 21: Naneshwar, 71, of Keslaguda village in the zone, died of illness on Wednesday. He had been suffering from fever for three days and his family members rushed him to Kermeri Hospital. He died Wednesday evening while being treated by staff. Medical officer Sunkanna said that Naneshwar died due to high blood pressure. Naneshwar has a wife, three sons and a daughter.
Renowned as a sculptor ..
Naneshwar was admired by all for his craftsmanship. A variety of artefacts were made of brass and stood out sincerely. Traditional ancient artifacts of the aborigines, home decor making and recognition. Tribal idols were specially trained by the Lepakshi Institute in 1982 at a time when they were limited to the manufacture of other traditional objects. With this, the necessary decorative items were made and introduced into the market for the public to know in the outside world. Special recognition for making attractive items with raw materials such as brass, clay and wax. Keslaguda village in the Kermeri zone of the joint Adilabad district has drawn more attention to the village artisans than to the states of Madhya Pradesh and Odisha. On December 9, 2015, the then President Pranab Mukherjee received the award in Delhi at the hands of Kova Naneshwar, who was selected as the sculptor for the year 2013-14 under the divine proposal of the DCC Handicrafts Director in Warangal. He continued the traditional art for a living and did not give up his art even in today’s competitive era. He is well known nationally for selling artworks made by Oz. Joint Adilabad District Artists have expressed deep grief over the untimely demise of Kova Naneshwar, a tribal Oji tribe who has been credited with adding modern touches to this inherited handicraft and adapting it to the changing times.