Shocking..with a girl who is engaged to Vishal ..!

Fans celebrated last year as Tamil hero Vishal was finally getting married. Last year, Tamil hero Vishal got engaged to Anisha Reddy, who has acted in films like ‘Arjun Reddy’ and ‘Pellichupulu’. He also said that he will get married soon. However, a year after the engagement, the marriage has not yet begun. However, they have been separated for many days. News has come that the marriage has stopped. But there was no clarity in that. Now came the confirmation. After some time of engagement with Vishal, they had a falling out. That is why Anisha deleted all the photos of the event from social media.

After that the two completely forgot about the wedding. Vishal is busy with movies. Now news is coming that Anisha is getting married to someone else. Anisha is rumored to be married to Hyderabad businessman Okar. That means she now understands that she broke up with Vishal. However, it is not clear why the two split up. Not a single word was said to anyone. The whole scene changed when Vishal got engaged to another girl as he is now. He is already 43 years old.

Fans are shocked that the girl who got engaged at such a time is also away. However, it has been reported that Vishal has been in love with senior actor Sarath Kumar’s daughter Varalakshmi for several days. However, Sarath Kumar has always been an obstacle to their love. That is why Vishal got engaged to Anisha. But now it has also broken up. All in all now we have to see how the reaction to this is going to be.

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