Solar Eclipse 2020: Surya Grahan Date, Time, Food Myths, Pros and Cons


  • The solar eclipse is also called Surya Grahan in India
  • This December 2020 solar eclipse would be a total solar eclipse
  • The solar eclipse is often riddled with many dietary myths

A lunar eclipse is usually followed by a solar eclipse. After the penumbral lunar eclipse that took place on November 30, sky watchers have another reason to rejoice in the total solar eclipse that is scheduled for December 14, 2020. The solar eclipse occurs when the sun, the moon, and the land are on a line, exactly in that order. When this happens, the moon blocks some of the sunlight from reaching the earth. The eclipse would not be visible in India. Parts of Argentina and Chile will be able to see the eclipse, if the weather remains clear. Some locations in southern South America, southwestern Africa, and Antarctica can see it too.

Time of solar eclipse 2020, Surya Grahan time in India

The partial phase of the solar eclipse will begin at 07:03 pm, the total eclipse will begin at 8:02 pm and will end at 12:23 pm The solar eclipse will reach its maximum point at 9:43 pm, according to timeanddate .com

Solar Eclipse Diet Myths, Why People Abstain From Eating

There are many myths and legends associated with eclipses. Long before, when science hadn’t advanced that far. Celestial bodies like the sun and the moon were highly revered, cases like eclipses were seen as an aberration. Many people considered the period to be unfavorable and abstained from eating during the grahan. In India, many people still throw away the food that is lying around after the eclipse, or put a tulsi sheet above food that cannot be thrown away. They also bathe after the eclipse is over and then eat their food.




According to many scientists, it is not necessary to fast for the duration of the eclipse.
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Many scientists have dispelled these notions, saying that these celestial bodies are constantly moving, so there is no need to fast, as there is no such risk of contamination of food. However, looking at the eclipse with the naked eye is not recommended. If you feel uncomfortable or anxious during the eclipse, it is a good idea to meditate according to yoga experts.

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