Some simply oppose, weaken the country: the latest coup of Tomar en oppn by the revolt of farmers

Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Sunday accused opposition parties of propaganda against the new agricultural laws, saying these laws “may cause difficulties for some in the short term” but will help farmers. long-term. Tomar, who is leading the negotiations with farmers’ unions protesting to break the deadlock in the laws, addressed a delegation of more than 100 farmers from Uttarakhand who offered their support for the laws.

Tomar said the government faced opposition when it revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s special status. He also faced opposition when he introduced the amended citizenship law, as well as on the Ram Temple issue. “When the agricultural reforms were introduced, there was also opposition to this … There are some people who just oppose and weaken the country. This has become their nature, ”said the Minister of Agriculture.

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The minister said that agricultural sector reforms have been debated for many years. “Unfortunately, previous governments that wanted to reform could not do it. Since they couldn’t try, they got the credit, ”he added. “Manmohan Singh Ji (former prime minister) tried many times but couldn’t. Today, when it is implemented, it is spreading propaganda, ”Tomar said.

Tomar stressed that reforms are necessary for a new India. “When reforms are undertaken, they will benefit farmers in the long run. But in the short term, some may struggle. We know that we cannot achieve any profit without difficulties ”, said the minister.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not bringing reforms or schemes just for current impact, but for long-term benefit, Tomar said. The prime minister, Tomar said, has complied with the farmers’ long-pending demand. “Any good government or good leader is one that does a job that not only ensures the security of the country for now, but also drives growth for the next hundred years,” he said.

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Tomar, together with the Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Som Parkash, met with the Union Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah, earlier in the day, as the stalemate between the central government and farmers protesting over the three new agricultural laws continued on the 18th and threatened to block the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. The Delhi-Jaipur highway was partially opened after 2 pm after it was blocked when farmers started a march from Shahjahanpur of the Alwar district on the Rajasthan-Haryana border as part of their protests. The Haryana police did not allow them to march towards the national capital, causing the road to be blocked.

Farmers unions, particularly in Punjab and Haryana, say the new laws will lead to the dismantling of the MSP system under which government agencies buy their harvest at a guaranteed price. The Center, in its proposal to farmers on Wednesday, had said it will give a written guarantee that the MSP system will remain and will also address its other key concerns. The unions, however, demand the total repeal of the central laws and have threatened to intensify their agitation.