Sonu Sood mortgaged his properties in Mumbai to raise Rs 10 crore funds to help poor people: Did Sonu Sood mortgage assets?

Many poor people suffered during the lockdown due to the coronavirus. Starved. Due to the lockdown, Nana had no access to the cradles and could not afford to pay the rent. It is known that some like-minded Marajus came forward to help those who were in trouble during the lockdown. Sonu Soodi is the most famous actor in the industry. Although Sonu Sood plays the role of a villain in movies .. in real life he helped a lot of people and became a god in their eyes. He recruited students stranded abroad for their own use in India. Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad in the country. However, Sonu Sood, who came forward to help the poor during the lock-down period, is rumored to have mortgaged 8 properties in Juhu, Mumbai. Also read: Sonu sood: Yahoo Juhu is the most expensive area in Mumbai, which has given Sonu a rare honor as Hero of the Year. It is an expensive area home to billions of businessmen, from movie celebrities to politicians. It seems as if he has decided to mortgage such assets in Juhu and help the poor financially. Sonu Sood is reported to have mortgaged 8 properties in Juhu with his wife Sonali Sood as joint owners. Sonu Sood mortgaged his properties with two shops and another 6 livable flats. Rs. According to Mumbai media reports, Juhu has mortgaged its assets to raise Rs 10 crore. The summary of these media articles is that Sonu Sood applied for a mortgage loan on September 15 at Standard Chartered Bank in Mumbai. Also read: Sonu Sood: Tribute to Real Hero Sonu Sood on Acharya Sets From Local to International .. Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Education, Jobs, Health, Lifestyle .. Download Zee Hindustan App Now To Get All kinds Of News In Telugu. Android Link – Apple Link – Click to subscribe to Zee Hindustan pages on social media Twitter, Facebook