Space rocks bounced off the Earth before a collision with Venus: Study, Science News

Earth and Venus are quite similar planets in size. But there are huge differences. Earth is modest and life-sustaining while Venus is literally hell. It is the hottest planet in the solar system with a surface temperature of 475 degrees Celcius.

The early solar system was a violent place. There have been massive collisions between space rocks. Some of them grew in size because of that and became a planet. Both, Earth and Venus went through this violent process.

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Now a study has said that some space rocks that grazed the Earth but collided with Venus. So what was hit and run to Earth was a complete setback to Venus. In other words, these huge space rocks ‘bounced’ off early Earth and collided with early Venus often becoming part of the planet.

The study was published in Planetary Journal Science.

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The scientists who conducted the study analyzed 4000 computer simulations. In these simulations, Mars-sized protoplanets collided with early Earth and Venus. Researchers found that about half of space rocks graze the Earth alone and that about half of these collided with Venus. Earth grazing slowed down the speed of these protoplanets because they were able to clash and cling to Venus.

Such studies have the potential to shed more light on why there is (literally) a world of difference between Earth and Venus, planets with a similar mass and an almost similar orbit around the Sun.