SpiceJet in agreement with Snowman and Om Logistics for the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine

The logistical difficulties of transporting and delivering the temperature-sensitive Covid-19 vaccine are beginning to ease, with SpiceJet partnering with Snowman Logistics and Om Logistics for seamless distribution.

Logistical links also offer the strongest indication yet that this task will be left to the vaccine manufacturers without any government involvement.

Strategic support

The strategic partnership with Om Logistics seeks to provide a fast, seamless and reliable solution for the movement and delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine, as well as creating a sustainable cold chain network, both domestically and internationally, SpiceJet said in a release.

“As part of the partnership, Om Logistics Ltd will provide SpiceJet with the refrigerated trucks to cover the first and last miles across the country. SpiceJet will provide the necessary air support to transport the Covid-19 vaccines throughout India and internationally in a temperature controlled environment, ”he said.

SpiceJet has signed a memorandum of understanding with Snowman to jointly participate in the storage, transportation and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines from various manufacturers in India and internationally, in required temperature-controlled areas, Snowman said in a statement.

Snowman will handle ground services, such as transportation to and from manufacturers, warehouses, airports and points of consumption, packaging, warehousing and warehousing, in the required temperature zones, while SpiceJet will provide the connectivity. for the controlled temperature distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. throughout India and internationally.

Vaccination arrangements

In the absence of clarity from the government about taking over the logistics of vaccine distribution and delivery, vaccine manufacturers have started planning their own distribution network by collaborating with cold chain logistics companies.

“They’re looking at where the cold stores are and all of those things and indications are that by the end of January, we should have some clarity on what the volume is and who is distributing where,” said Sunil Nair, CEO of Snowman Logistics, adding that the company has put in place most of the operational process required for the vaccine movement.

India has some 20,000 containerized reefer trucks, of which roughly 10-15 percent may be suitable for transporting vaccines if they are in the freezing temperature range. Cold chain companies have also added or are adding more than 500 refrigerated trucks in anticipation of the increase in vaccines. With proper planning and design of an end-to-end supply chain, this capacity should be sufficient for vaccine distribution, according to LogisticsNow, a start-up logistics intelligence platform.

“However, the strategy and approach to vaccinating various parts of the country and segments of the population could make this a much more complex supply chain, which could result in a temporary shortage while this supply chain is being developed. setting up, ”said Raj Saxena. , Founder and CEO of LogisticsNow.