SpiceJet joins Om Logistics for the transport of the Covid-19 vaccine

MUMBAI: No-frills airline SpiceJet announced on Thursday its partnership with Om Logistics for the transportation of the Covid-19 vaccine.
The strategic partnership aims not only to provide a quick and seamless solution to the movement and delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine, but also to create a sustainable cold chain network both domestically and internationally, SpiceJet said in a statement .
Recently, the Gurugram-based airline said that its specialty cargo division SpiceXpress has the ability to transport sensitive drugs and vaccines at controlled temperatures ranging from (-) 40 ° C to (+) 25 ° C.
SpiceJet, in its effort to provide comprehensive cold chain solutions for Covid-19 vaccine delivery, has partnered with Om Logistics Ltd, the airline said in a statement.
Om Logistics’ international presence with its 1,200 offices around the world and the ability to serve more than 19,000 PIN codes in India will further boost SpiceJet’s strength, he said.
As part of the partnership, Om Logistics will provide SpiceJet with the refrigerated trucks to cover the first and last miles across the country, he said.
SpiceJet will provide the necessary air support to transport the Covid-19 vaccines throughout India and internationally in a temperature controlled environment, he added.
With a network spanning 54 domestic and 45 international destinations and a fleet of 17 cargo aircraft, SpiceXpress is capable of flying more than 500 tons of cargo per day to both domestic destinations and a broad list of international destinations, SpiceJet had previously said. .